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The people of Walker Falls do not seem to be making any effort at all to celebrate the holiday. Unfortunately, that same magic awakes others from their slumber, including Curtis. Danny and the others realize that they apologized and blame themselves for nothing. Sinopsis: Danny se acaba de mudar a una nueva ciudad, y se horroriza al saber que gracias a una maldición, nad When Good Ghouls Go Bad | Spooky Kids Wikia | Fandom. All of the Other Reindeer: Outside of his family, Danny is not liked by anyone in Walker Falls.He has that in common with Curtis Danko, who was an eccentric goth with a passion for art. The next morning, there is a commotion outside the house. Add new page. The zombies begin capturing all the townsfolk and gathering them to the creepy old Victorian style house chanting the phrase "Statue." 20 years ago, Curtis Danko (Brendan McCarthy), an artistic boy, was ostracized by "normal" people. It is starred by Christopher Lloyd and directed by Patrick Read Johnson, who also co-wrote it. Curtis then shows Uncle Fred a picture of the two of them, Uncle Fred shaking Curtis' hand, as it implied that Curtis looked up to him. I'm sure kids would quite like it. Running time: When Good Ghouls Go Bad Rating: 2 headshots / (conditionally) 4 headshots Episode: 31 (listen here) Links Wikipedia:When Good Ghouls Go Bad IMDB:When Good Ghouls Go Bad When Good Ghouls Go Bad on Zombie Wiki The story is set in the fictional town of Walker Falls, Minnesota , during the Halloween season. Kankle also reveals that the statue of Uncle Fred would have been voted to be put in town square, instead of Kankle's statue of his father. When Good Ghouls Go Bad ~ Release by Christopher Gordon (see all versions of this release, 1 available) Everyone uncovers their eyes and Curtis' statue is revealed to be of Uncle Fred. If you create a free account and sign in, you will be able to customize what is displayed. The meeting ends after all but a few leave the town hall. Uncle Fred is considered crazy and is a bit childish, but Danny loves him very much. Danny thinks it is a silly story, and runs home. He opened the door and found Curtis's charred skeleton and a message in the ashes, saying that if the town ever celebrated another Halloween, he would come back and destroy them all. To bring the conversation back on track, his secretary passes out samples of chocolate, but the audience isn't very enthusiastic. Stine’s tales. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Summaries. ed. However, because of Uncle Fred's love of Halloween, the magic in the cemetery allows him to return as a zombie. Zombies break into the house and Uncle Fred explains that Curtis might be behind the zombies awakening and tells them to escape while he holds the other zombies off. Sort: Relevant Newest # no # no way # cross # nooo # protection # love # happy # hi # i love you # god # tv # wedding # reality tv # bad girls club # bride # reaction # whatever # meh # unimpressed # not bad # bad # teacher # whip # whipping # debesyla # youtube # score # ftw # youtube red # college humor 109 likes. It won’t annoy adults either, even if some scenes are stupid to say the least. Funny Moments: After losing his hand when a freaked-out Mike Kankel cuts it off rolling up the window of … Danny and James are staying with James's father, known by all as "Uncle Fred" (Christopher Lloyd). Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! When Good Ghouls Go Bad is a 2001 Fox Family television film based on a book written by R. L. Stine. It's revealed that Uncle Fred donated much time and money to the town's children, promoting creativity and imagination; thus he was loved by many children explaining why he was called "Uncle Fred" and why much of his actions were seen as childish to some. Sheriff Ed Frady (Alan Flower) even takes down the decorations that Danny puts up. Danny Walker (Joe Pichler), and his father James Walker (Tom Amandes) have just moved to the town from Chicago so his father can fulfill his dream of re-opening the family chocolate factory. When Good Ghouls Go Bad - Una pelicula de Patrick Read Johnson. He played a minor role in the movie Yolngu Boy. The Haunting Hour: Chills in the Dead of Night, Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories on the 50th Anniversary, Patrick Read Johnson & John Lau (Teleplay), Matthew Fitzpatrick - unknown red haired friend in car. Danny is surprised by how few decorations are up with Halloween only a week away. Danny and Dayna share a kiss, while James and Taylor hold hands as they watch the dancing zombies fade into the night. Halloween Specials Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The HALLOWEEN SPECIALS WIKI is a website that anyone can edit about our favorite Halloween Specials, movies, TV episodes, characters from within these media and music from them. The zombies begin capturing all the townsfolk and gathering them to the creepy old Victorian style house chanting the phrase "Statue." However, because of Uncle Fred's love of Halloween, the magic in the cemetery allows him to return to the living as a zombie. October 20, 2001 The next day, Kankle went inside the kiln and saw Curtis' corpse as well as the completed statue of Uncle Fred. He then leaves with his wife, Dolores (Jenny Dibley) and the two join the other zombies, sharing one final dance with the fireflies, as all the entities slowly disappear dancing into the night. It’s far better than recent offerings (VAMPIRE DOG, anyone? The only person who seems to be nice to Danny is Taylor Morgan (Imelda Corcoran), the school nurse and James' childhood friend. Everyone in the town believed the threat and, since then, Halloween has never been celebrated. However, Kankel's action earns him the wrath of his father, Pops Kankel (Gordon Boyd), who is among the group of zombies and is upset at what he has done. By the end, the townspeople applaud Curtis' statue. Halloween decorations are all over town, and a large pile of pumpkins has been discovered in the town square. To hide his crime, he made up the curse by pretending his eyes were burned when he saw the statue to make it seem like it was Curtis' doing. When 12 year old Danny Walker moves to his father's hometown in Minnesota, he finds that the town doesn't celebrate Halloween and things aren't quite what they appear to be. It has more than enough variety in its themematic ideas and instrumentation. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. When Kankel returned the next day, he noticed the kiln had been on all night. When everyone is gathered, Curtis reveals himself to the people. Uncle Fred reveals his zombie self to his son and Nurse Taylor, both fainting in the process. Wikis. As a memento, he lets his grandfather's favorite car shoot down the track and rest with his coffin. He is one responsible Curtis Danko's death and Walker Falls' paranoid fear of Halloween in general. This is music you can really listen to and more than appropriate for designated audience. On Halloween day, children are seen dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating as a girl from one of the Halloween groups goes to Uncle Fred's statue in town square, where they're passing by, and says "Happy Halloween." As he is about to reveal his statue, he is attacked and literally torn apart by Kankel. Danny's father is very upset when he learns about the legend which has completely ruined his plans. He starred in the 2001 movie When Good Ghouls Go Bad along with Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd. Danny dislikes his new life in Walker Falls, and it seems no one likes him, especially the football Coach Mike Kankle (Joe Clements) and his son Ryan (Craig Marriott), the school's biggest bully. This is done in a funny vein but the scenes are also scarey. Danny dislikes his new life in Walker Falls, and it seems no one likes him, especially the football coach Mike Kankel (Joe Clements) and his son, Ryan (Craig Marriott), the school's biggest bully. "[2], When Good Ghouls Go Bad won on Australian Guild of Screen Composers for "Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Good Ghouls Go Bad - 2001 TV was released on: USA: 20 October 2001 Finland: 1 April 2007 Australia: 27 June 2007 Sweden: 18 January 2008 3,051 Pages. However, because Curtis is a zombie, he manages himself to pull himself together, and scare the wits out of Kankle. To install click the Add extension button. Many of these villains vary from amoral and sociopathic ghoul investigators of the CCG on the Human Side and fanatical and supremacist ghouls bent on domination on the Ghoul Side. Clements has been credited under the alias … It is starred by Christopher Lloyd and directed by Patrick Read Johnson, who also co-wrote it. Surprisingly, nothing happens.

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