informatica scenario based interview questions and answers for experienced

Karishma 3 5 150 Unix Interview Questions And Answers 4. When data is unsorted then a source with less number of rows should be considered as a master source. Karishma 3 1 There has been a wonderful time to explore your career around data warehousing with Companies investing in tools like Informatica Power Center, and along with this, there is a critical need for skilled developers who can leverage these tools for better business insights. The property sorted input should be checked in joiner transformation. The aggregator output will be: O_total_records, Dummy_output 200 Informatica Interview Questions And Answers 2. If a user chooses to find a distinct value then integration service uses select distinct to the specified query. Solution 1: In the expression transformation, create a variable port and increment it by 1. How to generate sequence / incremental numbers in Informatica? This interview insight you to clear the technical interview help you to clear the technical interviews. Here we’ll tell you the top Informatica interview questions and answers, at both the basic and expert level, to help you prepare for that higher-paying job. i gotta clear picture on this scenario. . We are sure that these Teradata SQL interview questions will help to crack your next interview. Q16.How can one identify whether mapping is correct or not without connecting session? public class Testarray{public static void main(String args[]){String c_name[] = {"US","UK","IND","PAK"};String c_name_lkp[] = {"IND","US","UK","PAK"};int flag_val = 0;int flag_index = 1;if (c_name.length == c_name_lkp.length){ for(int i=0;i

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