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[citation needed] Detoxing - Lotus leaf tea is great for detoxing the blood and thus helping to lower your risk of disease. The lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultrahydrophobicity as exhibited by the leaves of Nelumbo or "lotus flower". Several parts of Z. lotus are given as anti-urinary troubles agents, anti-diabetes, skin infections, anti-fever, anti-diarrhea, insomnia agents, sedative, bronchitis, and hypoglycemic activities. — This cleaning effect has been demonstrated on common materials such as stainless steel when a superhydrophobic surface is produced. Lotus leaves have fine hairs, and control with insecticides containing oils or detergents will harm or kill your plants. December 2020 editions are officially closed. The Asian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is slightly larger than the American lotus, growing 5 to 8 feet tall. Blue Lotus flower is a beautiful water lily belonging to the genus Nymphaea, also known as Blue Egyptian Lotus, Blue Egyptian Water Lily, Sacred Blue Lily or Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile. This effect is of a great importance for plants as a protection against pathogens like fungi or algae growth, and also for animals like butterflies, dragonflies and other insects not able to cleanse all their body parts. Consuming the raw leaves, a Also, compounds in lotus leaves control the absorption of fats and carbs from being absorbed into the blood thus controlling obesity and weight gain . Antioxidants - Lotus flowers contain powerful antioxidants such as nuciferine, lotusine, neferin and demethyl coclaurine which help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. [23], Superhydrophobic or hydrophobic properties have been used in dew harvesting, or the funneling of water to a basin for use in irrigation. Some nanotechnologists have developed treatments, coatings, paints, roof tiles, fabrics and other surfaces that can stay dry and clean themselves by replicating in a technical manner the self-cleaning properties of plants, such as the lotus plant. [12] Lotus leaves and root extracts have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help regulate the menstrual cycle and stop excess bleeding. If a water droplet rolls across such a contaminated surface the adhesion between the dirt particle, irrespective of its chemistry, and the droplet is higher than between the particle and the surface. The pale green leaves are flat and broad, reaching up to 18 inches in diameter. The stems are eaten as a vegetable. For dried leaves use 2 teaspoons in a 1/2 liter of hot water and let steep for 5 minutes. Lotus is a plant that grows in lakes and rivers. The younger stems are also pickled. The hydrophobicity of a surface can be measured by its contact angle. It strengthens A [4][16] Studies were performed with leaves of Tropaeolum and lotus (Nelumbo). It improves Virility and is useful in treating Premature Ejaculation. [26]. Traditional uses and benefits of Lotus tree In traditional medicine, Z. lotus is used as anti-diabetes, sedative, bronchitis, and anti-diarrhea by local populations. By frequent use of the cream, it is believed that the skin face will look great and better. Grind the lotus leaves and blend them with the ubatan (which is a pack generally made of gram flour, raw milk, curd, and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder) and apply on the face The leaves of N. nucifera afford an impressive demonstration of this effect, which is, therefore, called the ‘Lotus-Effect’ and which may be of great biological and technological importance.” (Barthlott and … [1] Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to the micro- and nanoscopic architecture on the surface, which minimizes the droplet's adhesion to that surface. Cooking Uses of the Lotus Plant All the parts of the lotus plant—the stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, stamens, and seed pods—are edible. Stress - Lotus flower tea is relaxing, soothing, sedative, and helps with anxiety… and bringing about a peaceful feeling. [5] Other biotechnical applications have emerged since the 1990s.[6][7][8][9][10][11]. [17] As this self-cleaning effect is based on the high surface tension of water it does not work with organic solvents. And lotus leaf contains L-Carotene which boosts metabolism. If you have fresh lotus leaves cut a 4×4 inch piece and steep it in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. OMTimes Media; Real conscious online marketing, in high gear. 3 Comments Weight Loss - Lotus leaves help to prevent carbs and fats from being absorbed, and boosts your metabolism thus you to lose weight. Iron - Lotus flowers contain iron which is important for anemia. Weight Loss - Lotus leaves help to prevent carbs and fats from being absorbed, and boosts your metabolism thus you to lose weight. The higher the contact angle the higher the hydrophobicity of a surface. The plant also requires fertilizer for at least one year. Anti-fungal and Antibacterial - Studies show that rubbing lotus leaves on infected areas can kill ringworm fungus and works well for athletes foot. The seeds can be popped like popcorn, ground into powder, and eaten dry or used in bread making. The Groasis Waterboxx has a lid with a microscopic pyramidal structure based on the ultrahydrophobic properties that funnel condensation and rainwater into a basin for release to a growing plant's roots. Further applications have been marketed, such as self-cleaning glasses installed in the sensors of traffic control units on German autobahns developed by a cooperation partner (Ferro GmbH). Finding - If you google “Buy Lotus Leaf ” or “Buy Lotus Flower Tea” you will find lots of places that sell this product… or ask for it at your local health food store. In addition to that, it can prevent fat accumulation in the body. [1] Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to the micro- and nanoscopic architecture on the surface, which minimizes the droplet's adhesion to that surface. And women who have heavy periods find that lotus tea reduces blood flow. The measured contact angle on this leaf in this study is around 148 degrees. This hierarchical double structure is formed out of a characteristic epidermis (its outermost layer called the cuticle) and the covering waxes. The flowers, seeds, leaves, and parts of the underground stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine. Different lotus poses. Lotus leaves are the large bright green leaves from the aquatic lotus plant. The lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultrahydrophobicity as exhibited by the leaves of Nelumbo or "lotus flower". Since the introduction of the ‘Lotus concept’ in 1992 , the lotus leaf became the archetype for superhydrophobicity and self-cleaning properties of plant surfaces and a model for technical analogues .Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is a semi-aquatic plant and develops peltate leaves up to 30 cm in diameter with remarkable water repellency. Last reply by Gail Serna Aug 26. [6] "The Lotus Effect" is a registered trademark of STO SE & CO. KGAA (US Registration No. At the Chicago Botanic Garden, it was fairly windy and sunny; the leaves and pods of … Fertility - Men who suffer from premature ejaculation find that lotus tea helps with their condition. It combats the problems like Diarrhea, Dysentery and Piles. Lotus flower has a soothing effect on the Stomach. lotus leaves contain L-carotene that boosts metabolism and provides energy to the body, using up the body fat and hence not allowing it to settle in the body. Last reply by Omtimes Media Nov 18. Surfaces with a contact angle < 90° are referred to as hydrophilic and those with an angle >90° as hydrophobic. This flower comes from India and Vietnam and become the icon of those 2 countries. Lotus flower tea has a nice sweet aroma. This can usually be achieved using special fluorochemical or silicone treatments on structured surfaces or with compositions containing micro-scale particulates. Making Tea - Take 2 Teaspoons of dried flowers and add them to a 1/2 liter of very hot water and let steep for 5 or 6 minutes. Mucus - Lotus leaf tea helps expel mucus, making it great for colds, coughs, and other respiratory and sinus problems. Yellow lotus leaves are dark green, saucer-shaped and often more than 1 foot in diameter. The Swiss companies HeiQ and Schoeller Textil have developed stain-resistant textiles under the brand names "HeiQ Eco Dry" and "nanosphere" respectively. In Egypt lotus flowers represent rebirth in the afterlife. Lotus is perennial, rhizomatous and aquatic herb which usually grows to the height of 150 cm and has a horizontal spread of 3 meters. [21] The materials are uniformly black at any angle, which combined with the self-cleaning properties might produce very low maintenance solar thermal energy collectors, while the high durability of the metals could be used for self-cleaning latrines to reduce disease transmission.[22]. Moreover, it has to be protected from cold temperatures. Lower Cholesterol - Making a tea of lotus flowers and leaves is great for lowering cholesterol. Lotus leaf is a flowering aquatic perennial that grows widely throughout tropical regions of Asia and the Middle East. 7 Likes, 2020 Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology Forecast, © 2020   Created by Omtimes Media. Fatty Liver - Tea made from the leaves also helps heal fatty liver disease. Tips for Preparing Your Mind and Soul for Psychic Readings. 1 Like, Started by Omtimes Media. Superhydrophobic coatings applied to microwave antennas can significantly reduce rain fade and the buildup of ice and snow. Plant Surfaces: Structures and Functions for Biomimetic Innovations. In Asia, lotus is popular with salads, prawns, sesame oil and coriander leaves. The self-cleaning property of ultrahydrophobic micro-nanostructured surfaces was studied by Wilhelm Barthlott and Ehler in 1977,[4] who described such self-cleaning and ultrahydrophobic properties for the first time as the "lotus effect"; perfluoroalkyl and perfluoropolyether ultrahydrophobic materials were developed by Brown in 1986 for handling chemical and biological fluids.

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