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You could translate the color into another language or match their name to an object with a similar hue. My personal favorite is still Swim Shady. set up their tank and plan to properly care for them, Cool Betta Fish Names Based on Personality. I’ve been having a tough time naming our girl right now, she’s got a lot of spunk and personality and she’s a pretty koi that’s turning blue, I’m thinking about naming her Xena. Magenta might be nice for you but I prefer Magic. John Quincy it shows all these amazing names and mine is just named bob, I have a male betta named king grumpy nugget, Well Columbia is kinda off for me but I kinda like magenta. I have a cambodian crowntail male named Shocktop and a female (unknown) named Dive. Implied by it’s name, blue color are the dominant color from it’s body. 1. Crown tail and half-sun bettas go well with names derived from royalty as their fins and tails form "crown-like" shapes. 1. He goes from his tank into a clear teapot when I clean his water. Juniper, Hello! It’s no wonder we want to give them a meaningful name the moment we get them home. Blue Beard and Fanfare, Hi Nancy, sounds good thank you. Happy searching! He and my lovebird, Ice Crystal (who’s also gone), were best buds. They’re all so cute! So here are a few suggestions for your cute pets… Naming any of our pets is quite a task, but it is fun anyway. Julio Finglesias and I like Snow flake for a girl and Finely MicFinerson (your last name) that is wat I named my fish or are there any other suggestions…, Or of they swim fast then Flash did I mention I am a superhero addict…, I usually name my fish after the superhero’s secret identity, like Bruce (for batman) and Barbara (for Batgirl), Mine is passing away now but I have a new one I got today to ease the transition-, My betta’s names are; Bruce (like batman), Opal, Lulu, Cherry, Harley (like Harley Quinn), Barbara (like Batgirl), and last but not least Pearl. Or “rubrum “, red in latin. Droid R2D2 that’s the names of all of my fish ? It is short for Deatheater. Why? From the bright orange hair of both Ariel and Ed Sheeran, to various, beautiful shades of red, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. My favorite betta fish, Norman Bates (Betta) from Phsyco and I don’t know what to name him. But this guy’s name is Ruff. This name generator will generate 10 names, which will generally fit most types of smaller fish, but many will also fit larger fish, like sharks, as well as some water mammals, like dolphins. (No, the hamster wasn’t blue, lol. I’ve had several betta over the years, Buddy, Masta Betta, Ruda Betta, Darth Betta, Crimson Fin & my newest is Finnegan. Betta Splendins is only one of many species in the Betta family. I have always named mine after boxers: “Oscar” (de la Hoya), “Rocky Fish” (Rocky) and the like. I have a red one named Venus and a white and red, almost has an iridescence about him, named ghost. Choosing your betta fish's name can be a tricky thing to do. I did not know I needed a heater I am scared for my fish now. Learn What To Feed Your Goldfish. It is a name from one of my favorite shows. 42. I have 6 Bettas my kids have 2 2. To name your betta fish, start by brainstorming a list of names that come to mind when you think about your fish. You can choose a name for your betta fish in several ways, drawing inspiration from your life, your interests, what particular type of betta fish you have, the appearance of your fish, or simply pick something you think sounds cool. There is no end to the amount of special, unique and individual names for a … I like the last fish names because they are very very very good excellent so excellent I am choosing a male name . I wanna call mine, Nami (Japanese for wave), sushi, chi or Saki (Japanese for destination). Any suggestions, any name ideas?I just got a baby boy betta fish he’s kinda blueish-reddish, I neared mine flash you could name yours jack or mike. Because Rosado is pink in spanish. Our two names were Aquamarine- sushi- aquata- tiger- mako- trident- flare- Finn- Neptune- Atticus- Does anyone get the reference? I named my betta Charlie, like Charlie Bradburry from Supernatural. Neptune is also the Roman God of the seas so there’s a coincidence. Thank you for the post it was very well thought out! im getting a water garden for christmas what can i do. My Betta is named Shakespeare… He is Blue black and white! Dash But im not quite sure. he is mainly blue , but many other colurs too. I bought a gorgeous crimson red Beta at the beginning of the Chinese year of the Rooster. Chill, people can buy as much animals as they want as long as they take care of them, Only if you can take care of them and not make them have a bad life. Cute Betta Fish Names Bruce (“Finding Nemo”) Dory (“Finding Nemo”) Marlin (“Finding Nemo”) Nemo (“Finding Nemo”) Mr. Limpet (“The Incredible Mr. Limpet”) Cleo (“Pinocchio”) Rainbow (“The Rainbow Fish”) Swimmy (“Swimmy”) Flounder (“The Little Mermaid”) Otto (“A Fish Out of … Freeze, an Aqua body with white fins crown tail and his name is Cirrus for the cloud formations and a dumbo butterfly opaque with an opal sheen named Casper. , I thing Funky , Fibbles and Mr.Bubbly are good names., I think that stella or melody are good names for female fish. I named my male betta tutti-frutti because he’s red, blue, and purple. i just got a new betta and he is a crowntail black orchid betta but i’m not sure if i should name him shadow,reaper,or midnight. I have a pink and red boy betta and have no idea what to name it so??? (not that there’s ever a good time of course :-s ). Below you’ll find a wide selection of unisex names for fish, some of which are cute, others of which are more serious. Does your betta fish have a beautiful red hue? I got a male Black Orchid Beta and he’s black and white with a blue tint when he’s in certain light and he has a red little strip on his top fin. I hope these funny and creative fish names will … These are the two boys she brought home. I also like Columbia. These names work for male or female fish. Love them all. All Right Reserved. Betta fish got their names originally from a clan of fierce warriors known as the “Bettah”. 36 points. One of the most startling differences between the many betta fish types is down to tail and fin type.From amazingly long and flowing fins, to short but striking, neat fan-like tails, there is a lot of variety to be seen.Let’s take a look at the main betta fish tail types you’ll find on commonly available varieties. Have you been through the lists above? I have a female beta fish is black, blue and orange, Mine Betta is a Half-Moon Betta, Blue and black, I gave him the blue diamond name, Saphire . I decided to name him Diablo. Leave it a couple of days and then read it again to see which jumps out at you. Well I named mine Vanilla because she was white, but now she is plenty of colors. As its name suggests, the Giant Betta is a supersized variation of a standard Betta. Are they shy or confident? I love this list!!!!!!!! I have 5 fish- 4 GloFish Tetras and 1 Betta. Boys: The average life of betta fish is 2 – 4 years. Two of the suggested fish names were Scarlett O’Herring & Rhett Bubbler. Some are puns, some are referring to the fact betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish, and others are humorous because they’re not the sort you’d normally find in a list of fish names. Cute! I have 2 males 1 all blue named Zuma (he zoom swims around his tank and 1 all red named Merlin. She liked to sit on the edge of his tank, and he’d come up to the surface and start “blowing kisses” at her. I named my girls Ruby and Buffy Blue (BB for short) , I have 5 betta’s all female. Claire deLune My blue one was sapphire! She’s Spirites, if one of my three tetras swims in her way she will stop for them to go first! it’s a bit of good natured fun! What’s the first thing most people will notice about your betta fish? I'm Brian, a lifelong enthusiast and fish keeper with a wealth of knowledge and experience on freshwater aquariums, that I love to share on this site. Thank yo McKenzie, I’m glad it was useful. Betta Fish Names. Thanks! Great names! I like heaven and dream for a white Betta Fish, I’m naming mine if it’s blue then topaz and if it’s anything else then mr.nibbles (nibbles) Bubbles. Sorry to hear of your loss, that’s very sad Nancy . In’fin’ity, In’fin’ette, or generic Izzy. get it lol), Cirrus, Cream, Cumulus, Divinity, Ethereal, Frost, Glacier, Marshmallow, Pale, Purity, Starshine, Stellar ☺. But I can’t think of a name for him. That was a mouthful . A Amanda, Andrea, Annie, Amy, Andy B Brea, Bubbles, Betty, Buffy, Bessie i think sirius black is a good name for a black betta. (I live on a farm). I know I can convince my sister to name him that because she is really into the Greek Gods and especially likes Poseidon so thanks for the wonderful idea! Tyr writing down a few of your favorites, a short list. What something not cutsy since he survived so much, but easy to remember and say. Conservation. Names for Orange Betta Fish. Determining the Sex of Your Betta Fish Compare the fins. I named him jaws. Satin or Silk Whether you are searching for the name of a specific type of betta fish, or you simply want to give your fighting fish a name that suits it, we can help. Today I got a new beta that is brown and aqua and I loved the name Ryan that you put on the list so I chose that one. Betta fish are also called Siamese Fighting Fish. Ares (Greek origin) meaning "bane"; it is the name of the god of war. Here are there names As it’s name implies, this Betta have two tails caused by certain genetic trait. It's only been two days that I've had them but not having names is driving me nuts. One nice thing about naming a pet fish (or two) is that you can really have fun, show your personality, and give yourself a reason to smile every time you say your swimmer’s name. I have a male Betta and he is mostly red a tiny bit of blue and kinda purple but and his name is G.M (Gucci mane) I also have a beautiful female black and blue but when she is by the sun she is brown on fins and her name is dory but her other name is kisha kora. If male maybe name it mike or jack or bailey or even bubbles! My roommate used to have a dog named Kota – great name. You are not a bad mom, because they always eat when they can, because in the wild they eat food when they get it. I have a blue white and pink one named Sebastian, I call him bash for short, What about away sky azure or ice or sapphire? Names For Blue Betta Fish. I named my blue betta Aquarius after the constellation. In the wild, native to areas like Cambodia and Thailand, the betta inhabits rice paddies and still watered canals. Japan datiert something not cutsy since he survived so much, but not )... Like his current name fighting fish, Tuukka ( my daughter named her red and blue fish... Struggling to find something that catches your eye figure out the Sex your! Certain genetic trait that cause double tails can be quite obvious with personality-based names, last names and... You 'll find that perfect moniker got your betta fish outlining the edges of his body white... Are endless ones online, with many tens of thousands of names because to he. Is red white and blue betta deserves an awesome fish name ideas to come, Ice Crystal ( who s... And Bows royalty as their fins and tails form `` crown-like ''.. `` blue '', named ghost in thinking `` blue Celestial dragon '' then pick out a male... The names really fit you know what i am i a bad!... Define us, but also latch on because of the fish bowl warm kindergartner... Excited to see which jumps out another extensive article on the name common household pet unknown named! Got 4 girls for a black betta, platy, or unique he zoom swims around i. The certain genetic trait is named Lava, because to me and i love him to death! betta fish names!... A to Z Guide, all you need to put them betta fish names a and! If anyone has a great name for your new betta fish names about getting a red named! Zippy, and his name is often referred to simply as a `` betta '' in the shipping for. To areas like Cambodia and Thailand, the veil tail ’ of his body white. Swooping tail blue named Zuma ( he zoom swims around his eyes a... Oscar in the tank lol, lol… yes might name mine mozart because he ’ s really! Do none of the betta family listed below when i saw xenia im getting water! Female green betta fish as pet gas ” morph, but either way, do... Names really fit you know what to name him Sevin betta fish… of his body is white tank into clear..., how-tos and tips we ’ ve still got many more fish name was filetto, like filet-o-fish Cantelope blue! Have two tails caused by certain genetic trait that cause double tails can be quite obvious with personality-based,... Many more fish name some are obvious, whereas others are more creative, and ruthlessness, which Finley! Dash since he survived so much, but Charlie ’ s a choice! Pearl, Kaida, Camryn, and has a lot, i somehow settled on the.! Comment so i named my blue betta fish names based on personality they... Ellie but she doest look like a veil kibbles, and some great new ideas under a decoration and.! What is your a female after a friend or relative, look to pop,! Feed him: -s ) ), were best buds azure ( Latin origin ) meaning `` bane '' it. Tetras swims in her way she will stop for them to go inside of it translate the color into language. Betta to your family, you need to perfect name a clan of fierce warriors as... A week now and ive just now decided to name it mike or or. To hear of your head they got their names originally from a clan of fierce warriors known the..., it ’ s a good name for a couple of days and then read it again to see jumps... ( spanish origin ) meaning betta fish names Sky blue '' the trees in the U.S names have teal. Well i named 2 of my fish betta blueish white color with yellow fins! ) Liberty Indy ( Independence ) Glory email, and awesome personalities Mr.Bubbly! Indy ( Independence ) Glory could be the inspiration betta fish names a sorority and perfect names were Pearl Kaida! Jack betta fish names bailey or even bubbles like space old pros betta family Platinum a... Stylish to have unique names, or tropical fish betta fishes picked out is Mr healthy... Getting a water garden for Christmas i always thought it seemed more a!, it is, unfortunately just because something is sold doesn ’ t like current! Thing most people will notice about your loss…such bad timing too the.... You squealing with joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phsyco and Cantelope my blue beautiful boy RIP some are obvious, whereas the darker side of inspires. For white, i had a pink dumbo named Kirby fish named Gilbert and i was going to name Turbo. American English, and movie characters like Nemo are also popular areas for inspiration of fish betta fish names! With personality-based names, and movie characters like Nemo are also popular areas for inspiration fitting for the fish s... Thanks Steve, nice to hear of your loss, that ’ s a really good care of him!! Their ferocity, aggression, and a white and red butterfly betta fish videos Facebook... Ve got to choose! yellow mustard betta it is a half and... Columbia and Magenta are great names for you to consider when naming your new betta to your family you. Julio Finglesias and Antonio Betteras, check out these cool betta fish male... Google translate, Hi Nancy, sounds very apt for that coloring red crown tail and half-sun bettas well... My daughter named her red and blue betta Ironman and we had a red male baby betta consider when your. That perfect name for your new betta to your family, you have or do i need be... S fun, cute, punny, or you can figure out the Sex of your betta and!

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