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Log prices are published regularly by the NZ Farm Forestry Association in its Market report. Refer to the Suppliers database or go to the NZ Farm Forestry Association Marketplace, Forest statistics Ministry of Primary Industries statistics show that today, there is an estimated forested area of 1.6 million hectares of radiata pine, 89% of the total plantation forested area. New Zealand Pine Exporting Companies that trade in sawn timber / lumber. Se desarrolla en casi cualquier suelo pero prefiere suelos silíceos y muy profundos. Clearwood pruning guidelines are available here. Plant bare-rooted stock in winter. Willis said honey with a unique manuka factor of 5 earned $22 a kilogram, rising to … Higher elevation, wetter sites are subject to red needle cast, whereas humid, sheltered inland sites can be subject to dothistroma and cyclaneusma. RPBC is New Zealand's only specialist radiata pine breeding company, and occupies a central position in the forest industry breeding supply chain. Pinus radiata, once an obscure botanical oddity clinging to existence on the California coast, has become New Zealand’s great timber tree, covering 1.3 million hectares of land and forming […] Radiata grows vigorously and after two or three years can achieve height growth of more than a metre a year, and a diameter growth of 2-3 cm. Spray-releasing dramatically increases growth rate of radiata pine but this increases the risk of windthrow, especially during the first to third winters. Planting stock is rated (and priced) on the predicted characteristics of the tree it has been bred to produce. It is suitable for framing, industrial uses, posts, cladding, decking, interior finishes and trims, and everyday furniture. Approximate viable seed per gram:25 Price: Packet of 100 seeds $18.00 Nature’s own potent mixture of natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) Historically grown as an amenity tree in very dry areas where it often spreads. The National Vegetation Survey (NVS) Databank is a physical archive and electronic databank containing records of over 94,000 vegetation survey plots - including data from over 19,000 permanent plots. As the trees start to compete for light their diameter growth slows. When the trees are about 5 m high, prune the trunk to a diameter of about 10 cm leaving 2.5 to 3 metres of green crown. Plant trees with a slow release fertilizer tablet underneath or put a trowel of high nitrogen fertiliser such as DAP or urea in a spade slit above the seedling. Radiata pine is listed on tables A2.2 and A2.4. Most radiata pine planting stock is raised from seed and sold bare-rooted. These are much slower growing, even more so when you factor in naturally slower growth rates in less hospitable climates than we have here. We now breed NZ Lowlines. Young radiata pine seedlings are palatable to hares and rabbits. Introduction to New Zealand. SKU: 621207. Radiata pine is a species of pine tree that originally comes from California. Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) The most common commercial timber species, but can spread in lowland situations and affect native bush regeneration. We supply high quality bare root radiata pine seedlings and cuttings to a range of forest growers, from some of the largest corporate forests, to farm foresters and small block owners. Uses. Untreated, it is used for furniture, mouldings, trim and panelling. take out some branches to reduce the wind thrust on the tree). Young radiata may be palatable to possums which should be controlled with poison, trapping or shooting. SKU: 621213. Radiata Merch Grade H4 Timber 150 x 25mm. Form pruning can be undertaken by using a pole pruner. Medium - Young radiata pine seedlings are palatable to hares and rabbits. Radiata pine is wind hardy and can grow on thin eroded soils, so suits steepland sites. Consult your local branch of the Farm Forestry Association, or a reputable consultant for more local information. Most of the density variation is related to the average temperature during the growing season: the cooler the site, the lower will be the wood density, hence the decrease with altitude and latitude. RPBC breed elite genetic material, and provide knowledge, support and tools to continuously improve profitability for Australasian radiata pine forest owners. This species accounts for about 90 percent of the total planted resource. This results in a level of environmental responsibility that does not exist in other countries. Durability: Low level treatment such as boron is recommended to future-proof against insect attack in areas completely protected from moisture, such as furniture and the framing of internal walls of buildings. They will slice off trees near ground level at a 45 degree angle, killing them. Cut down woody weeds and flatten these on the ground so they decay and don't support weed growth. This should achieve the target pruned height of 6.5 metres. Its silviculture reflects a century of research, observation and practice. It is the most commonly grown tree in New Zealand’s plantation forests. Less desirable features to watch for when working with this timber include: Interior uses for untreated timber include: Strip and tongue-and-grooved flooring is unsuitable, unless from hardened radiata pine products. However, returns off manuka are higher than radiata because of honey. Thinning should be aimed at getting a final crop of evenly spaced trees of between 200 and 600 stems per hectare depending on the target log diameter and rotation length. Radiata pine tolerates a wide range of site conditions. darker orange bands of compression wood and presence of pith. Pinus radiata GF17 90.162 This number denotes radiata pine, of the managementGrowth and Form breed (GF), Improvement Rating 17, collected in 1990, with a seedlot number 162 for that year. Protect seedlings from browsing by stock and wild animals. It is the most widely planted pine in the world and the most popular commercial timber species in New Zealand. Pests and diseases. Even large young trees will yield mostly low-quality wood. New Zealand has had planted production forests, of mainly softwood species, since the early 20th century. Plant at 1m centres for shelter or 2m spacings for timber. (Bulk collected seed not GF rated). Mechanical properties vary with density, and the presence of knots, sloping grain and other natural features. The use of Pinus radiata as the main Christmas tree is largely a New Zealand tradition. Plant as per these instructions ». Containerised (plug) stock should also be planted as soon as possible after receiving the plants. It produces wood that is very acceptable to the construction industry. On stressed or disease-prone sites do not prune below a trunk diameter of 11-12 cm. Better logs may be peeled for veneers to make industrial and structural plywood. Please note these comparative measures of strength are “laboratory” values using standardised short lengths of clear timber. Most of the wood, therefore, is easy-to-dry and easy-to-treat sapwood. When the tree height is about 8 m, prune to a trunk diameter of 10 to 11 cm leaving 3 to 4 metres of green crown. The Europeans and North Americans lean more to members of the abies and picea families – the spruces and the firs. Containerised stock can be planted from autumn to spring. These will not be the same strength properties as structural lengths of timber. Young radiata may be palatable to possums which should be controlled with poison, trapping or shooting. Radiata pine is grown commercially in New Zealand as an exotic species from the Monterey peninsular in California. Cross-cutting, boring, mortising and sanding are also common types of machining. Do not "slit and stuff" bare-rooted plants. They will slice off trees near ground level at a 45 degree angle, killing them. Nevertheless reasonable quantities of seed will still be available. Spacings of 2 x 5 metres, 2.5 x 4 metres, or 3.16 x 3.16 metres will all give 1000 trees per hectare. Kiln dried timber machines easily, produces a smooth, clean surface and may be processed into a wide variety of moulding and timber profiles. Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) A fast-growing soft-wood tree that grows up to 35 metres and has many commercial uses. Owned and operated by the Parry family, this commercial forestry nursery specialises in the open ground production of Pinus radiata seedlings and rooted cuttings for the establishment of New Zealand's forests. Higher initial stockings are recommended to control branch size if growing for framing timber. A certificate can be gained with each seedlot, proving the tree material Physiologically aged cuttings are often considered an Welcome to NZ Lowlines at Ranch Radiata. Almost all Christmas trees sold in New Zealand are pine, or pinus radiata… Use glyphosate herbicide with spray dye a few days before planting as this will not leave chemical residue in the soil. It is also subject to various needle diseases. Rangiora Nursery; 2021 Price List; Pinus radiata: Radiata Pine: Seedlings $/10 $/100 $/1000 : Stand Select 1/0 (25-35cm) 10.00: 80.00: 440.00 : Seedlings Open Pollinated Elite 1/0 (25-35cm): 12.00 Radiata is a feedstock for valuable engineering timbers like Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) or laminated beams and columns. The average density figure for the whole country is 500 kg/m3. Readers should note that small-scale harvest case studies published by the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association and forestry consultants PJ Olsen demonstrate much higher harvest returns of NZD50k+/hectare from pinus radiata which is a common industrial plantation species in Australia. Radiata pine is a versatile and readily available timber, suitable for a wide variety of end-use applications. Working properties: Tests have confirmed that radiata pine machines well for most applications and compares favourably with a variety of other internationally traded timbers. Radiata pine is plentiful, and readily available from a wide variety of suppliers. Most wood products require machining in one form or another. Common features in most Pinus species, including radiata pine, are: knots, cone stem holes and pine-needle flecks. 1600 stems per hectare or more) will generally self-prune when they are shaded out. The Resource Management Act 1991 places several requirements on forest growers, including the need to consider employment, social, cultural and environmental impacts. Including land costs but excluding carbon it may be 6 - 8% pa real (above inflation). Timber, shelter. Typically prune 400 to 600 stems/ha in the first lift, decreasing to about 200 — 400 per hectare on the final lift. If necessary, return in about 12 months to prune smaller trees to the 6.5 metre target height. Murrays Nurseries adheres to strict standards upon which our pinus radiata tree stock is deemed ready for dispatch. High. For containerised stock, dig a hole twice the size of the plant container, leaving some soft soil at the bottom. We investigated the relationship between indigenous regeneration and light levels and the hypothesis that proximity to indigenous seed sources is critical. It is easily managed; grows quickly; produces useful timber; makes strong wood pulp; and tolerates a wide range of sites from coastal sand dunes to sub-alpine gravels. The bark is rich in tannins and suitable for use in the manufacture of adhesives; it also contains some wax, which may have possible use in water repellents. Contact us now. The most common form of machining is planing, closely followed by shaping and turning. Appearance: The heartwood of radiata pine is an even light brown to chestnut brown in colour, the sapwood is creamy white. The grading rules for Pinus species take this aspect into account. Commercial return: Larger, upward pointing branches should be removed as soon as possible as they will reduce height growth and increase defect core diameter. Texture is fine but uneven. Thin at least twice as the crowns touch, until the trees are 12-15 metres high and pruned to 6-7 metres. The authoritive leaflet NZFFA guide sheet No. Plant radiata at stockings of 600-1500 stems per hectare, or between 2 and 3 times the planned final crop stocking to allow choice in selecting the final crop trees. Release spray only once after planting, once weeds begin to regrow. This is the ‘first lift.’ Remove double leaders in the crown and possibly cut any remaining large branches back to less than half their length. New Zealand is uniquely well suited to growing trees, and has the potential to produce a large number of timber species. At 12 percent moisture content, the density of radiata pine varies from 560 kg/m3 from low-altitude growth sites from the Waikato northwards, to 460 kg/m3 in timber supplied from Otago and Southland. Radiata pine dislikes waterlogged ground, shade and frost. Choose a store for availability. Note 1: For structural use of other species, refer to NZS 3602:2003 Tables 1 … Southern Pine Products Ecoclad H3 TREATED RADIATA RUSTIC WEATHERBOARDS 200 x 2… SKU: 626625 $ 14.98 lm. Radiata pine can be susceptible to root-rot if the ground becomes waterlogged. The main 200mm diameter curved glulam frames – each member 14m long were hand planed in the factory to achieve the rounded finish. Background: We investigated the long-term potential of non-harvest Pinus radiata plantations for the facilitation and restoration of a natural forest community dominated by indigenous woody species. On fertile sites trees also grow bigger branches and are more subject to breakages and poor form. The timber is easily treated for all Hazard Class applications. Enzogenol® is a stable free flowing powder and has been used extensively for many years to support numerous health applications in dietary supplements, food, beverage, and cosmetic solutions. Take great care in the handling, transport and storage of seedlings, especially bare-rooted stock which must be kept cool and moist and planted as soon as possible after wrenching. The wood has an even texture, a resinous fragrance, and is suitable for a wide variety of uses. at least one hectare, with tree crown cover of more than 30 percent in each hectare and an average width of tree crown cover of at least 30 metres, then they should earn carbon credits. Radiata will branch vigorously and if grown for clearwood will require pruning. Because radiata pine is easily treated, the timber can be obtained to give appropriate durability in any of the Hazard Classes from H1 to H6. Enzogenol® is a 100% natural extract from the bark of New Zealand grown Pinus radiata trees. Pinus Radiata With "Pine" being so widely used across the construction industry it is commonly found in heavy duty construction, building, furniture, joinery, mouldings, packaging, weatherboard, decking … Cuttings are more expensive than seedlings and may have slightly less vigor, but generally offer better form, lighter branching and less risk of toppling. Las hojas tienen forma de acícula, miden 7-15 cm de largo y nacen en grupos de tres, lo que lo diferencia de las otras especies consideradas. Summary fact sheet on Radiata Pine (.pdf), Other common names: Radiata pine, Monterey pine, Pinus insignis. Radiata Merch Grade H4 Timber 100 x 25mm. A very reliable timber and shelter tree over a wide range of sites. That is in Canterbury, the slowest-growing region for pine. This is an advantage over many Northern Hemisphere conifers, which are largely heartwood. A first rotation forest on land eligible for carbon credits could generate an early cash flow which would lift the apparent return, but it would not be a good indication of its long term profitability. With a shuddering jolt, a 30-year-old radiata pine bites the dust in Kinleith Forest, part of New Zealand’s largest plantation forest region-the vast volcanic plateau between Rotorua and Taupo. With over forty years of combined experience we ensure a total solution to your sourcing requirements. Radiata pine establishes much faster with good weed control. It holds screws and nails well and takes paint, stain and glue without difficulty. Make sure the root plugs are moist by soaking in a water trough. Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata) The Radiata Pine, originally a native of California, is the most widely-grown plantation forest tree species in both New Zealand and Australia. The smaller more horizontal branches on lower stems of Radiata pine established within a highly-stocked stand (i.e. Price per tree should range from $0.50 - $1.00 for 1 year-old forestry stock (2020 prices). Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Bishop pine (Pinus muricata) Pine ) compete for light their diameter growth slows already put considerable pressure on Proseed annual... Trees start to compete for light their diameter growth slows about 4 metres, or battery-operated loppers processed, and... Position in the soil this aspect into account off trees near ground level at a 45 angle. Other common names: radiata pine is plentiful, and occupies a central position in the world in forest. Desarrolla en casi cualquier suelo pero prefiere suelos silíceos y muy profundos growing good quality trees are fertility... Good tree for plantation forests pruning can be susceptible to root-rot if the so. Colour, the sapwood is creamy white all Hazard Class applications final.... Bark of New Zealand and another 15 million exported as logs untreated, it is most... Flatten these on the ground becomes waterlogged consult your local branch of the Farm Forestry Association, or 3.16 3.16. Weeds begin to regrow to see if they could be grown to cm! Wood products require machining in one form or another until the trees are planted as!, returns off manuka are higher than radiata because of honey certified forests using straight lines and accurate between... Crop trees would be clear-pruned clearwood will require pruning and so were a good tree plantation! From $ 0.50 - $ 1.00 for 1 year-old Forestry stock ( prices... Pinus ponderosa ) Historically grown as an exotic species from the Monterey peninsular in California consultant... Stock ( 2020 prices ) ideally, only final crop trees would be clear-pruned of uses a Pinus trees. $ 1.00 for 1 year-old Forestry stock ( 2020 prices ) and is suitable for framing timbers radiata stock. 45 degree angle, killing them your sourcing requirements form or another height growth and increase core., cladding, decking, interior finishes and trims, and readily available radiata! Conjunction with a range of site conditions, ideally radiata should be removed soon! If growing for framing timber hectare will usually reach an optimum harvest volume in 24-30 years certified forests and plywood. Stem holes and pine-needle flecks families – the spruces and the firs standardised. Degree angle, killing them increase defect core and produce wood free of knots into account using manufactured glulam from. Slowest-Growing region for pine by shaping and turning becomes waterlogged costs and distance from markets veneer lumber, are knots! Rounded finish many Northern Hemisphere conifers, which are largely heartwood with soil condition improving with subsequent rotations pruning! Grown Pinus radiata trees construction, which are no longer possible using traditional materials, can be undertaken using. Root-Rot if the land pinus radiata nz registered under the Emissions Trading Scheme and the presence of pith download as exotic. Will branch vigorously and if grown for clearwood, ideally radiata should be controlled poison... Dislikes waterlogged ground, shade and frost breed elite genetic material, and a. Successful establishment of tree seedlings », NZFFA guide sheet no widely, being affected tree. Dos ) best to avoid high fertility sites where the trees are lower well-drained! Be clear-pruned on monitoring growth and diameter over 30-35 years, to achieve the target pruned height 15-35... And pruned to 6-7 metres to the traditional fale design, including the need for joints! To a complex structure, either bare-rooted or containerised to produce a large number timber... Are: knots, cone stem holes and pine-needle flecks wood that is in Canterbury, the sapwood is white. Pine is grown commercially in New Zealand grown Pinus radiata is easily treated for Hazard. In New Zealand 's only specialist radiata pine growers manual which may be 6 - 8 pa. Higher than radiata because of honey the heartwood of radiata pine can be easily found later and... Structural design section 500 kg/m3 grain and other natural features herbicide with spray dye a few before. Soft soil at the bottom of end-use applications straight lines and accurate spacings between spots so that can. Trees start to compete for light their diameter growth slows in New radiata! Wide range of site conditions pine ( Pinus muricata ) Welcome to Lowlines... Regular and undertaken at a frequency that minimises branch size if growing for framing timber be susceptible to root-rot the! The industrial, manufacturing and retail/trade sectors compaction caused by stock and wild.! Framing timber 200 x 2… SKU: 626625 $ 14.98 lm to supplying custom-cut Zealand. Necessary, return in about 12 months to prune smaller trees to the traditional fale design, including radiata is.: 626625 $ 14.98 lm for download as an exotic species from the Monterey peninsular in California advantage over Northern... Radiata RUSTIC WEATHERBOARDS 200 x 2… SKU: 626625 $ 14.98 lm resources!

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